What's better than the sublime sensation of dreaming beneath a set of quality sheets? The chance to replicate the extraordinary hotel experience in the comfort of your own planned dream destination. Our luxurious linen offer the ultra soft style and substance for your room and enhance any environment. Add to the modern beauty of your home, lodge or hotel with these cozy offerings.

Indulge in the finest quality woven cotton, ranging from a T200 Cotton - up and till the silkiest T600 Egyptian Cotton which will leave you in absolute awe.

Flat Sheet Sizes:

  • Single Bed - 160 x 270cm
  • 3/4 Bed - 180 x 270cm
  • Double Bed - 200 x 270cm
  • Queen Bed - 230 x 270cm
  • King Bed - 250 x 270cm

Fitted Sheet Sizes:

  • Single Bed - 91 x 190cm
  • 3/4 Bed - 106 x 190cm
  • Double Bed - 137 x 190cm
  • Queen Bed - 152 x 190cm
  • King Bed - 183 x 190cm
  • Super King Bed - 183 x 214cm
    • Extra length sizes are also available.
    • Customized sizes will also be available upon request.

Duvet Cover Sizes:

  • Single Bed - 130 x 200cm
  • 3/4 Bed - 150 x 200cm
  • Double Bed - 200 x 200cm
  • Queen Bed - 230 x 200cm
  • King Bed - 230 x 220cm
  • Super King Bed - 260 x 230cm
    • Customized sizes will also be available upon request

The majestic and captivating Namibian Wildlife will forever remain a once in a lifetime opportunity experience. From every single animal encounter captured in the perfect moment in its true form and glory, we have captured the perfect hand-drawn designs of the Namibian Wildlife. Our one and only animal embroidery designs is unlike any other duvet cover you will ever come across in your stay in Namibia.

We are truly honored to share these creative and unique designs to the people of Namibia and to the curious travelers from all across the world, knowing they leave a trail of the memories shared and ever-lasting happiness.

Our Signature animal embroidery designs are available in :

Colour Availability:

  • T200 Percale - White, Cream & Stone

Sizes Availability:

  • Single Bed - 130 X 200cm
  • 3/4 Bed - 150 X 200cm
  • Double Bed - 200 X 200cm
  • Queen Bed - 230 X 200cm
  • King Bed - 230 X 220cm
    • T200 Cotton Sets & customary sizes will also be available on request . . .