Optional Extra's


We specialize in a variety of spectacular colours when it comes to serviettes, overlays and tablecloths. Whether you are decorating the tables for your restaurant or for any household use, we are able to supply all the customary sizes to suite your creative ideas. We also provide stretch materials for chairs and tables upon request.

Standard Sizes :

  • Serviettes – 42 X 42cm
  • Overlays – 90 X 90cm
  • Tablecloths – All Sizes Available.

Bedside Rugs :
A little extra touch to finish the ultimate look and feel of your room. We offer a diverse range of beautiful colours and sizes. The two most popular opinion in sizes we have available are – 60 X 90cm & 75 X 120cm.

African Table Runners and Throws :
Our hand woven table runners and throws is a must have for your very own curio shop, decorating a different feel in the restaurant or adding a touch of Africa to your bed.

Sizes available :

  • Runner 45 X 170
  • Runner 45 X 230
  • Table Throw 145 X 170
  • Scatter Cushion Pillow Cases: 30 X 50cm & 50 X 50cm

Hotel Blankets :
We all know the unexpected surprise of shivering winter nights, however snuggle up in a luscious, warm hotel blanket that creates the unforgettable night’s sleep. We provide light and dark colour blankets to add to the theme and feel of your room.

Size Availability :

  • Single Bed – 150 X 200cm
  • 3/4 Bed – 180 X 230cm
  • Double Bed – 200 X 230cm
  • Queen Bed – 220 X 240cm
  • King Bed – 220 X 275cm

We also do supply the following :

  • Laundry Bags ( All Sizes Available )
  • Country Flags – 120 X 180cm ( All Countries Available )
  • Creative tablecloth materials
  • We also supply curtains
  • Sealskin Shower Curtains & Shower Hooks
  • Bedwraps
  • Mongolian Fleece Bathrobes ( White, Stone, Light Grey, Dark Grey)
  • Animal Printed Placemats